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*Nursery news* 

Copper is the sweetest girl that would love to have a family.  $450 on spay agreement

Dirk & Macy's girl ready the week before Christmas.  $500 on a spay agreement.

Expecting black/rust any day

**Watch our nurseries**
Next litters due later part of November 

***We do not always have puppies available!! Frequently, our litters have deposits on the puppies before they are born.   

Puppy below is SOLD

To ensure you receive healthy puppies, we vet check every puppy before they leave our home and if there are any health issues then it is disclosed before the purchase of the puppy and the issue is listed in the Bill of Sale.  You will receive a signed form from our vet stating the puppies health at the time of the vet check.  We also offer a health guarantee to those that take their new puppies into their own vet within 72 hours of purchase and send us back our form that their vet has filled out.

Please check out our "Vet Information" Page.
SHIPPING:  We do not ship; however, I am willing to meet people at Yakima or Pasco airports if they choose to fly in for their puppies.  In order to ship, most breeders are required to be USDA licensed.  As few times as we have shipped, it is not worth the annual expense of a USDA license at this time. 

Updated 11/10/14
*Yakima County Kennel License #14-013.
*State of Washington - Mensonides Kennels, LLC
      -All prices include WA state sales tax.
Due to issues working with the old godaddy website builder, I am in the process of upgrading to their new version so this website will not be updated temporarily.  

As of this date 11/17/14 we have a 5 month old red girl, a red stag girl ready the week before Christmas and several black/rust litters due between now and Christmas.  For updated information and pictures please e-mail me at or call/text at 509.830.0219.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 
As hard as it was, we decided to retire Jabik a little early. Sven, pictured below, wanted his dad to live with his owner's mom so he could spend time with him too.  Jabik will be missed but he has an AWESOME pet home with a lap to enjoy.  We have one of his sons and several daughters.  We hope to have his last 2 litters the first of December. 
We only raise Miniature Pinschers but we are looking forward to raising Bouvier des Flandres in the future.   Both of these breeds are ones that I love!!!  

Our goal is to provide HEALTHY Min Pins with WONDERFUL PERSONALITIES for families. We also feel that families deserve pets that look good enough to go to the show ring.  We want people to be proud of their puppy and enjoy them for many years.

All of our Miniature Pinschers are AKC registered and all of our male's DNA are on file with AKC. Our goal is to breed them to the standard set by the Parent Club. We do not breed just any dog or buy a pup because they are "so cute" or a "good price". We focus on health, personality, genetics, pedigrees and characteristics of parents and relatives, etc. Those we have felt would not have puppies to the quality we expect are enjoying pet homes.

We own all of our parents and they are on site. We do not sell puppies through brokers or pet stores and we encourage people to come to our home to see where the puppy has been raised and meet the "family". This is the best opportunity to see the personality of the puppy and their parents. Because our puppies go all over the Northwest, I occasionally meet people part way. We are a family that loves animals and we enjoy the pleasure others receive from these wonderful dogs.

Sybren and Michelle Mensonides
Outlook, Washington

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