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Bouvier des Flandres

​​**Min Pin Madness**

Had a great time!  Pics coming soon.

**Miniature Pinschers**

Babies are here!!!



Why Miniature Pinschers and Bouviers? Recenctly, I was 1/2 way down our porch steps carrying Molly (Min Pin) and trying to shut the gate after Bella (5-1/2 month Bouvier) when my foot slipped off the step. As I am falling, I tossed Molly out in front of me and landed flat on my stomach in the gravel facing the other direction with the wind knocked out of me. I called for Molly to make sure she was okay. She took that as I needed protection from the big Bouvier puppy sitting in front of me. She jumped on my back and started barking hard at Bella. Bella did not care. She laid down in front of me, rolled onto her side and slid herself until her back was under my head and then licked and gently chewed on my hands until I got up.



Potential Service Dogs

Please make sure your microchips are updated with your current information.

NuVet Vitamins

Puppies are on NuVet Plus

(Min Pins powder form)

All of our puppies have been born at our home and raised here.  We own all of our parents and they are on site.  We do NOT sell puppies through brokers or pet stores".   I do not sell puppies for other breeders. 

As much as we'd love to have a puppy available whenever someone contacts us, we do not always have ones available.  We often have deposits on puppies we are expecting.  We can not control when our girls have their babies, how many they may have, the sex they may have and what colors we will get in a litter.   We can have several litters at once and go 4 months with only 1 litter. 

Puppies are sold on spay/neuter agreement unless special arrangements are made.

We encourage people to come to our home and meet the puppies "family".


Babies are here!!


Providing QUALITY
HEALTHY  puppies with WONDERFUL PERSONALITIES from our family to yours.

Michelle Mensonides

Outlook, WA

509.830.0219 call/text


All Licensed breeder with Yakima County 

Business License under WA State

*Prices include WA sales tax

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Miniature Pinschers